The Ministry is satisfied that the proprietor has taken the necessary corrective action and has dismissed two employees involved in the incident.
Christine Barrow - "the world are now dealing with a heavy right-wing evangelical force. It is a force that drives a narrow reactionary righteousness. It's anti-divorce, anti-abortion, it is against sexual diversity... This is a force that we need to keep an eye on,"
The freezing order in question is in respect of costs claimed by Jamaica Tours Limited, which is the subject of ongoing litigation in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal
Just like the mixed linage of the artist Rihanna, the mixed linage of rhythm of her sound 'work' is at play
On July 8, 2015 the coroner, Oyetade Komolafe, after listening to several testimonies during the inquest that lasted several months, indicted the church and the building's engineers, and recommended they be prosecuted for criminal negligence.
We are delighted that the HFA have certified KFC's products in these stores, and the store environments, as halal. Should non-Muslims be delighted?
Symptoms are similar to Dengue fever or chikungunya but are milder in form and usually last four to seven days. These viruses are borne by the same mosquito.

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