The NSA at time has not made any comments on the matter regarding the hacking allegations
Parris: appears he can't meet living expenses because of assets freeze
Sony Entertainment hacked emailed has proven that British Actor Idris Elba is being considered for the role as the British secret agent.
Professor Barriteau is expected to be successor to Sir Hilary Beckles starting May 1
From a Christian perspective marriage is most importantly between a man and a woman. The church today should therefore divorce the law of the land.
The BLP opposition party has asked the police and the DPP to determine whether some criminal act had been perpetuated on CLICO's policyholders
Reports in the Trinidadian media from unnamed sources claimed that Griffith had been pressured into either withdrawing his witness statement or giving a statement which would have had some bearing on the Attorney General.
It's unusual for a president to seek medical care outside the White House.

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