Since the election of Barack Obama, to the Presidency of The United States of America (USA), there has been a constant attack on the man's credibility, and that of his family.

The criticisms appear to comprise of more vitriol comments against any president of the USA in the recent pass. although the preceding president had started a war, on mere propaganda, had spied on the American people, and didn't appear as wise as one would think that the head of a super power should be.

Mr. Obama and his wife has been subjected to all kinds of disrespect, from the insinuation that he is a Muslim, and is lying about being a Christian, to the constant focus on what his wife is wearing, and what colours she should and shouldn't wearing, and her shape, one can ask Rush Limbaugh on that. Why does this stuff appear to be important to the American people, or is there something more deep seated than what is being openly discussed.

Recently Michelle Obama decided to make a garden on the White House property to plant her own food as an example to the American people, I suspect, and true to form the American people criticized that venture. Agribusiness groups are mad that Michelle's garden is organic. The Mid America CropLife Association, which represents agriculture and pesticide companies, says, "fresh foods grown conventionally are wholesome and flavorful yet more economical." (

There have been terms that haven't been commonly used applied to past presidents, and first ladies, which sent me to the internet to discover what there meant, as there seemed derogatory to this writer. These terms are POTUS, and FLOTUS. Apparently POTUS stands President of The United States, and FLOTUS stands for First Lady of The United States.

During the presidency of George W. Bush, and his wife, Laura Bush, this writer can not recall the terms POTUS and FLOTUS being used. Nor do I recall, during the presidency of Bill Clinton, and his wife Hillary Clinton, the terms being used. Former President Jimmy Carter has said that the criticism carry a racist basis, but who really knows?

So why is President Barack Obama being destroyed and looked down upon by some of the American people, though it is believed to be a minority, who appear to be keeping the most noise.

Although the many obstacles to his presidency, Mr. Obama continues to press on with the vision he has for the United States (US), which continues to enhance the legacy he will left behind after leaving the office of President of The United States.

President Obama has a vision where he focuses on the people of the US and there well being and upliftment. He has therefore placed emphasis, on matters of education, entrepreneurship and with it the creation of jobs in order to pull the American economy of the current worldwide recession. He expects free health care for those who can't afford it. He has propose many other things, and done even more, which if mentioned will far exceed the intended length of this article.