Prophet Dr. Akwasi Agyemang Prempeh: Major Oil Discovery In Barbados

Prophet Agyemang (Agyeman) Prempeh is yet another prophet to Barbados who has predicted a major oil find which will enrich the people of the Caribbean territory.

Barbados has received another prophecy of the discovery of oil in the Caribbean nation. The prophecy was made today by Prophet Dr. Akwasi Agyemang (Agyeman) Prempeh during a convention being held by Prophetic Healing Ministries whose pastor is Prophet LL Spencer.

Prophet Prempeh has been invited to Barbados to speak into the lives and situation of many within the church, and on the island as a whole. He has been accurately discerning the issues of many, and have spoken into the lives of many for change to come about.

Prophet Prempeh has spoken to the island of Barbados concerning the discovery of major oil finds which can be expected within the next few months. The Prophet said this find will cause the Barbadian dollar to rise in value, and he prophesied seeing many aircraft full of persons traveling to Barbados.

He warned pastors on the island to be careful how they participate in politics, because the enemy will use them to pressure the church.

Prophet Prempeh's prophecy has come on the heels of another prophecy made by another prophet who made the Prophecy that Barbadians are about to become wealthy after the discovery of minerals, and oil in the soil of the island.

The Prophet's presence on the island has certainly been a blessing as some have been saved in giving their lives to Jesus, including a warlock who had come to pray against the service.

This service brought the attention of witches, and warlocks who had the intent of dismantling the service and prevent the work of God from manifesting itself. These persons were placed on their guard each night and were arrested in the Spirit.

An old lady who came to the boundaries of the alter while Prempeh was ministering, was said to be a witch and her assignment was cancelled.

Prophet Pempeh spoke of the high levels of homosexuality in the island of Barbados, especially lesbianism on the island which he said is so prominent because of the high levels of witchcraft.

Two teens were prayed for who were involved in lesbianism, and witchcraft. Prempeh broke the assignment off the lives of the girls.

The convention started last Monday and is expected to have its finale on Sunday. The week long service was truly a blessing to the people of God as it opened eyes to the wiles of the enemy. many who attended were released from curses brought on by the pledges of family members who made certain agreements with lodges in exchange for the health of their offspring.

A major oil find in Barbados will certainly be a blessing to Barbados as hitherto it has depended on tourism which is volatile.


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Comments (6)

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edwin tapiwa (Zimbabwe) says...
glory b to JEHOVHA*
13th October 2011 2:17pm
nii kwame says...
seasoned man of GOD!!!
20th December 2011 10:29am
rose claire (Italy) says...
hi pastor
please i need your help. please pray for me , for healing and prosperety i use to follow you on tv, and thing that you can help me , please tell me how to get in touch with yo. i also wish to receive the handkerchief.
pastor help me because i am lost and i don' t know what to do.
25th February 2012 7:01pm
rose claire (Italy) says...
pastor help me, i need you to pray for me and my family.
25th February 2012 7:03pm
rose claire (Italy) says...
pastor i need you, because i have been sick for years, while watching your programe, something keep telling me that you can help me.
please i am sending my hand for your help.
please don't abandon me.
25th February 2012 7:07pm
Arlene J Collingwood (Trinidad-Tobago) says...
Smile Hi prophet i visited his service in Trinidad walking in d overflow ;i love his ministry he Is ACCURATE AM AWESOME my heart desire is to walk in that annoiting excellence
30th April 2012 1:31pm
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