Prophet Wesley Van Johnson in Barbados

Prophet Van Johnson has been accurately speaking to persons as to what is happening in their lives. He prayed for one lady with scoliosis (curvature od the spine), and here spine straightened

It was delightful time in the presence of the Lord at the Deliverance Temple church on High Street, Bridgetown, Barbados with guess speaker Prophet Wesley Van Johnson.

Prophet Wesley Van Johnson was here in Barbados on a two week conference which was filled with fine preaching, deliverance from physical and emotional torment.

Prophet Van Johnson has been accurately speaking to persons as to what is happening in their lives. He prayed for one lady with scoliosis (curvature od the spine), and here spine straightened. Another lady with severe respiratory problems testified of being able to finally sleep at night after many months of not being able to comfortably do so. Yet another lady who had a growth in here chest area testified of an immediate disappearance of the lump.

Although testimonies flowed and miracles were evident, what was truly a blessing was the power with which Prophet Van Johnson preaches. His clarity, and understanding of the bible is profound.

One can see the love he has for the people of God and his humbleness taking long periods during the service to minister to persons who have been carrying emotional burdens for long periods.

One can also see the love he has for preaching as it seems when he gets going he doesn't seem to want to stop.

In his most recent ministering of the word of God he urged us to keep walking the walk although we might make mistakes at times, he said that through the grace of God we can be forgiven. Van Johnson said there are only two sins for which a person would not be forgiven . These are blaspheme of the Holy Ghost, and suicide.

He said that he had made mistakes in his life and have sinned since being saved, and if God wasn't a forgiving God, then many persons including preachers, would be in trouble.

He urged us not to have the grasshopper mentality, while using scripture from Numbers 13. In Numbers 13 God commandment Moses to send men who were leaders, to search the land of Canaan which was to be given to the Israelites.

On return, these men spoke of the goodness of the land, BUT later gave a bad report of how difficult it would have been to take possession of the land because of the giants they claimed existed there, and the walled cities which were very great.

These men saw themselves to be but grasshoppers in the sight of those who occupied the land, which was promised to them.

Van Johnson urged us to get our BUTS out of the way of what has been promised us through God.


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K Bourne says...
Dear Sir/Madams
I am writing with grave concerns for child pedophile acts committed to me when I was 15 years of age by the late Bishop Van Johnson. I fear that many more were harmed since that time. I am recommending that a full investigation into the cover up by his wife Selina Johnson and their associates of Van Johnson Ministries and The Miracle Centre. I am also recommending a suspension of all visas allowing them to flee Canada. I am also requesting that they provide all legal guardianship papers for all orphaned children and no access to children under 18 years of age.
The Investigation should profile past acquaintances; Farrell Walker, Pastor Paul Melnichuk, Rev. Wesley Van Johnson and current credentials with the Pentecostal Church of God, its President Bishop Bent who has been confronted and an accomplice to the acts of child pedophile acts by the late Bishop Van Johnson.
Their home office telephone is 1-306 569 2108.
1 800 430 7729 is another point of contact.

Gloria Joy Johnson now heads this Religious Organization.

1638 Rae St
Regina, SK, S4T 2C9

I suggest strongly that if they are trying to cover this incident committed by the Late Bishop Van Johnson, how many other children have been molested and brainwashed that it’s ok and taught of Biblical Concubines.

I would also recommend an internal review into their tax exemption status which they have lost due to legalities. Labor Laws would also be recommended.

These are serious concerns and therefor I would
13th June 2015 10:35am
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