UK taxpayers to build and refurbish prisons in foreign countries

We should be using all of the influence we have to sign prisoner transfer agreements with those countries. Even if necessary frankly helping them to build prisons in their own country so we can send the prisoners home - David Cameron

29 Apr 2013, 09:41 AM

By: Jeff

In a Dailmail report the Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron was cited as saying too many foreign prisoners remained in this country and said helping to build prisons in their own country would ensure more were kicked out.

The prison building programme is expected to assist countries such as Nigeria, and Jamaica in an effort to repatriate inmates in Britain who are foreign nationals, to their respective countries.

There are now 10,861 foreign inmates in British jails, who now make up around 14 per cent of the prison population. Each costs an average of around £40,000 a year to keep inside.

Jamaicans top the nationality table, with 900 last year, followed by Poland on 750, and Ireland 737. There are 594 Nigerians.

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