Last Friday the Nation Newspaper reported that several persons have been asking the Where's the Car to the organisers of the Legacy International Apostolic And Prophetic Conference, held at the Wildey Gymnasium and Solidarity House from May 9 to 11, 2010.

The event this year was under the auspices of Shalom Outreach Ministries International, and Pastor Dr. Anthony Cummins was seen in photo receiving the "donated" car. Persons therefore became concerned that the keys to the vehicle weren't handed over to winner.

Each person had to pay a registration fee of $20 which provided the opportunity to "win" the car, though organisers stressed publicly in April that it was not a raffle. Cummins said then that over 100 churches had joined Shalom at the conference.

The WEEKEND NATION claimed it contacted Cummins admitted the car was still in his possession.

In an interesting twist this morning in the SUNDAY SUN newspaper (here), Warrens Motors' sales and marketing manager Mark Doherty said emphatically that Cummins had no car from Warrens Motors to give to anyone.

Mr. Mark Doherty said after being approach in April by Pastor Cummins, "We told him that in terms of a donation we could not donate a vehicle; the best thing we could do is that we could look to discount the price of the vehicle, but he would have to purchase it"

The Vehicle was then dressed up in order to make it appear to the public as though it was donated.

Mr. Doherty said the vehicle have been asking about was then sold to another customer. When contacted Pastor Cummins said although the Car wasn't in his possession, and was sold, he will still have to give a car away.

It appears Pastors had expected Warrens Motors to hold onto the car until he was able to purchase it.

This therefore raises the question. Should the Church be involved in bribery with material things in order to get persons to attend church.