Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria - The Christian faith in Nigeria has come up for some lashes, as some of the country's children are being cast out of their homes after being labeled as Witches.

Christianity is obviously being abused at this juncture, and is being used as a tool by those if they knew, would certainly do better.

Pastors, it is reported in Nigeria, are encouraging families to abandon their children who they claim are witches. The Children are said to be responsible for any poverty, death, or other misfortune in the family.

"Religious leaders capitalize on the ignorance of some parents in the villages just to make some money off them," said Lucky Inyang, project coordinator for 'Stepping Stones Nigeria'.

"They can say your child is a witch and if you bring the child to the church we can deliver the child but eventually they don't deliver the children... The parents go back to the pastor and say, 'why is it you have not been able to deliver the child' and the pastor says 'Oh - this one has gone past deliverance - they've eaten too much flesh so you have to throw the child out.'"

And most pastors charge a fee for deliverance, anywhere from $300 to $2,000. Reports CNN.

Not only are these children being abused but the word of God is being abused in order to increase the status of man. It is not only in Nigeria that pastors abused members, but it occurs all over the world.

If persons were to interpret the word of God from the Bible correctly, then our churches would burst at the seams. There wouldn't be enough space to house persons who would join the church.

Sam Ikpe-Itauma, runs Child's Rights & Rehabilitation Network, or CRARN, an orphanage that supports nearly 200 children. All of them were accused of witchcraft and cast out by their families, often after being tortured. The orphanage provides security, healthcare, nutrition and counseling.

Children in Nigeria cast out by parents and other family members are sometimes tortured in order to cast out evil spirits, but my question to these "pastors" would be where is that mentioned in the Bible.

It is therefore imperative that person read the bible for themselves.