Persons travelling on REDjet whose inaugural flight is expected to be on May 8th to Port of Spain, will be offered greater convenience in terms of payment options, and the purchasing of tickets.

All persons will have the option of booking their tickets online, and later paying for that ticket in full at REDjet bill payment partners which include, SurePay, Billdirect, Paymaster, Digicel. Naturally, of course, REDjet will accept credit card payments online, but one does not need a credit card to make such online payments anymore.

REDjet is expected to be a leader in this as other airlines are soon to follow this route.

REDjet effect on Travel Agencies

Travel agencies who cater to those persons who don't purchase their tickets online will lose some of their customers, as it might be more convenient to book online and then pay at the next bill payment partner when paying for other bills and purchases.

Will this mean the end of travel agencies as we know them?