AFRICA, Nigeria -- There has been debate for quite some time as to whether Christians can be possessed, and the answer to this question is yes Christians can be possessed.

A pastor and his family were delivered from the powers of Satan after attending The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

"A man can profess and confess to be a pastor, a prophet, a bishop but not such in heart," said Prophet T.B. Joshua after Pastor Chris Praise Duru was delivered and was making confessions of the situation in which he was bonded.

"We should not go by what people confessing because it is dangerous," added Prophet Joshua.

Having attended a service at SCOAN following stiff opposition from the demon who possessed him, the man found himself in a prayer line at which point the demon manifested and made his intentions clear for the pastors life in this first YouTube clip. The demon was later casted out of the pastor.

In the second clip the said he was able to operate a church while demon possessed and use the name of Jesus while he would pray for persons attending his services because of the way he would use that name.

Pastor Chris Praise Duru said that when he would pray for others the demon within him tended to compound the person's situation, and the demon eventually caused the closure of the church. When question about his use of the name of Jesus what reaction the demon would give, the pastor replied that once the name is used without faith and love, the name can not do anything.