In Monday's edition of the Nation newspaper educator Rhonda Blackman posted a title called "Sex demons?" in her The Open Haversack column.

I'm sure Ms. Blackman is a wise woman and should know that merely asking such a question in times such as these could bring a backlash of criticism from persons who are happy ignorance is a bliss. These persons will argue that there is no spiritual element to life.

Ms. Blackman is absolutely correct even if she meant to insinuate that there were such a thing as sex demons. The Christian faith if it wasn't hiding under a rock somewhere could verify the such spirits exist, and is the reason behind the high levels of promiscuity in Barbados.

Ms. Blackman stated in part, as follows:

"Through observation and discussion with many persons, I have concluded that there must be something out there, some force that is causing some young children to engage and behave in ways that are not appropriate at their age.

Some children are displaying sexual behaviour problems. These children represent a diverse group who engage in extensive mutual sexual interaction with other children, or sexually aggressive children who are intrusive and coercive. They are preoccupied with sexual words, sexual activities and their sexual body parts.

This is not normal childhood behaviour and it is cause for great concern. Normal children engage in a wide variety of sexual exploratory behaviours but not to the extent previously highlighted.

As I tried to wrap my brain around this phenomenon which I have observed developing among some children, I am left to ask these questions: are there things called "sex demons" out there? If so, are some of our children being inhabited by them?"

Some in the society would denounce the comment made by the educator as far-fetch and trying to escape blame which should be at the feet of the parents, and other guardians, but is this fair?

I believe if they is any to be blamed it should be the church. The church is not playing its role in society and has become only a sponge. The church knows very well that there is a spiritual battle going on for our souls, and it is only the church that has the power through the power in the name of Jesus Christ to keep demons at bay.

Sex demons, or spirits of lusts, as the church would refer them do exist and there are many others such as spirits of poverty, pride, death, stubbornness, disobedience, stealing, lying, and on and on.

The below video which is a deliverance service from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Nigeria, because churches in Barbados try to refrain from deliverance of the hands of Satan, but can a Christian be a Christian if he/she hasn't been delivered from sins in their hearts.