The Bermuda Triangle exist spiritually

This triangle is ruled by demonic spirits who are capable of moving from their watery abyss in which is a spiritual kingdom to possess humans who bid them.

2012/03/11 10:43 AM

By: Jeff

AFRICA, Nigeria -- Some of us have heard the saying "between the devil and the deep blue sea" which basically speaks to being in a tough circumstance and not knowing if to turn left or right, but this saying may also carry another connotation when one applies it to The Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devils Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area in the north western Atlantic Ocean, connecting points just off the coast of Florida, Bermuda, Puerto Rico.

The area has witnessed many strange occurrences where aero planes and marine crafts have vanished without explanation. Records of these disappearances started in 1950 in an Associated Press article in which he unknowingly, maybe, termed it "the sea of the devil".

This article does not focus entirely on the Bermuda Triangle, but goes a bit deeper into the revelation that this triangle is ruled by the devil, and hence names mentioned earlier with respect to the triangle such as "The Devils Triangle" and "the sea of the devil", are fitting.

I know I have just lost a few of you who are reading this article, but the video below also speaks to this.

There is a demon which possessed a gentleman by the name of Elijah Davis on the continent of Africa. This demon before it was cast out of the man made certain revelations on the authority of a man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, at the The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

The demon speaking through the voice of the man stated that he is the King in the Atlantic ocean of the Red Triangle, Bermuda. The man Elijah Davis stated that he has a wife and children. His wife is his physical wife, but the children born to him are his children both physically, and spiritually.

The children are therefore also possessed by the demonic forces of the water kingdom within the Red Triangle of Bermuda, whereby he is their father in this physical world and in the spiritual world.

Mr. Elijah admitted that Prophet T.B. Joshua is the first man to have seen his nakedness, "I have gone to so many places, and churches, but no one have seen me nakedness". He went on to say that it is because, spiritually, his feet do not touch the ground as his legs exist within a snake.

The wife on the other hand, who was such physically, was initiated into his kingdom so she could withstand the powers in the house.

This situation therefore proves that the Bermuda Triangle does not only exist physically, but it also exist spiritually where there are demonic kingdom.

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