FIFA Vice President Jack Warner and executive committee member Mohamed bin Hammam, president of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has been temporarily suspended as provisional measure in order to prevent any influence from any investigations into the matter.

The FIFA officials were today heard by FIFA's Ethics Committee, which resulted in the suspension of the two because they had met the low threshold needed for further investigations into allege corruptions charges.

Bin Hammam, and Warner were represented by legal officials as they denied any wrong doing.

Efforts by Bin Hammam, which saw the President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter also being brought before the committee did not result in his suspension as the committee thought that allegations against him did not satisfy the low threshold needed under article 129 of FIFA for further investigations.

Deputy chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee, Petrus Damaseb has said that although Sepp Blatter was told payments would have been paid to the CFU, it does not mean he should be investigated. Sepp Blatter represented himself at the hearing.

Sepp Blatter is now free to continue as president of FIFA for another four years as his opponent for the presidency on Wednesday, Bin Hammam has withdrawn his bid.

Others implicated with corruption charges who were expected to be present for the corruption charges are Caribbean Football Union (CFU) officials Debbie Minguell, and Jason Sylvester. These supplied written statements to FIFA, although the wherewithal to travel to Zurich, or the abilty to represent themselves via tele-conference. Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester have also been suspended and will be investigated.

Jack Warner had said that he had told the president that the meeting would have been kept, and that monies would have been paid. Sepp Blatter on the other hand has said that he was told of the meeting, and monies were to be paid, but he had warned Mr. Warner that such shouldn't take place. There is something "fishy" in this fiasco becuase Jack Warner if plotting with bin Hammam, would he inform Mr. Blatter?

The panel of the FIFA Ethics Committee was composed of deputy chairman Petrus Damaseb (Namibia) and members Juan Pedro Damiani (Uruguay), Sondre Kaafjord (Norway), Les Murray (Australia) and Robert Torres (Guam).