LONDON, England -- Yesterday saw the opening of the world's greatest combination of sporting events in the form of the 2012 Olympics in London. Before its official opening, conspiracy theorist have been speculating that an attack might be made on Big-Ben, or the Olympic stadium.

Conspiracy theorists believe there have been some subtle clues on playing cards referred to as Illuminati playing cards, which depict on one particular card called "Combine Disasters" the destruction of what appear to be Big-Ben. Other cards in the collection also showed the twin-towers which fell during the 9/11 attacks in the U.S.A.

Within the "Combined Disasters" card are people wearing coloured clothing of (Olympic colours) black, green, red, yellow, and blue, as though escaping the scene of the clock tower falling after an explosion.

The card has fueled speculation that some form of an attack on London may occur during the Olympic games specifically, Big-Ben, or the Olympic stadium.

This might appear all coincidental and totally ludicrous to some, but the YouTube video of these allegations showed speeches and signs about the 9/11 incident which existed before the September 2001 "Twin Tower attack" in New York.

Will London also suffer a similar fate as New York did? The link to a Youtube video shows the cards and the videos.

The video states that the 2012 Olympics logo could easily represent the word "ZION" instead of "2012" when one carefully looks into it, but the question is why would London be called the New Zion.

Due to the depiction within the logo, Iran had threatened last year to boycott the Olympic games, whose logo was created by famous designer Wolff Olins.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had denied any double meaning to the logo, which it believes only depicts 2012.

Combating terrorism which has been a major talking point for these Olympic games, has witnessed London going to considerably lengths to foil any attacks on that city by spending over $1.6 billion on its security bill.

Despite the large sums of monies spent on the Olympic games, the video ended stating that the Olympic stadium might be attacked while all eyes are on London at this time.

This would be a total disaster as it would place the entire world into mourning who have sent representatives to participate.

One must also note that the 2008 Beijing Olympics also carried a logo which protrayed the word "ZION" if it is broken down into parts.

But what does all this "ZION" talk has to do with London at present? What has being discussed on the internet is that Princess Diana, is a form of the Goddess, Isis, and her first son William is a form of Horus, part of a modern day Trinity.

This Trinity is being related to "XXX", which has garnered more energy, so to speak, as the current Olympic games also carries the "XXX". It being the 30th Olympiad.

Prince William has also been tied into the "XXX", which represents the number 30, because he is currently age 30, but it gets even worst, as he was born on the 21st June.

The 21st June marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere on this day "the sun is at its most high".

Could Prince William be an antichrist being depicted as a form of Jesus Christ who was referred to as "Son of the most high God"?

Prince William being 30, might be looking at beginning a ministry like Jesus, who also began his ministry at age 30. LOL.

What does the XXX mean to the 2012 Olympics?

Wikipedia states that an Olympiad is a period of four years, associated with the Olympic Games of Classical Greece.

Today, an Olympiad refers to a period beginning January 1 of a year in which the Summer Olympics are due to occur, and lasting four years. The first modern Olympiad began in 1896. The 30th began in 2012 as the London Olympics, but can there be a more sinister meaning behind the XXX?

XXX and the occult

When you show emotion to a symbol, an object, a person, your lover you are generating frequencies of energy which cannot be perceived through your 5 senses. This energy might be captured by "psychic vampires" who feed off the "life force" of other living creatures for its own personal gain. (

The letters 'XXX' has been empowered as an occult symbol representing the trinity (father, son and mother - two males and one female).

If you have no awareness of the occult meaning behind 'XXX', and you go on to show it emotion, you are feeding this symbol with the energy (from outside of your 5 sense reality) that it desires. Examples include the XXX pornography, XXX movie, Britain's (America's) Got Talent - 3 judges (2 men, 1 woman) Laughter, tears, panic, applause... a range of emotions feeding yet more energy unto the symbol XXX.

After reading this piece at, an article recently written by Dailymail which spoke to "three people in William and Kate's marriage" came to mind. The article spoke of the three constantly in the news together. Could these three be a form of the XXX, or the Trinity, two men and a woman?

The conclusion of the 2012 Olympic games are almost upon us, and it will be seen if there is any sense in the nonsense.