WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court will tomorrow decide whether or not Americans will be mandated to pay health insurance, or be penalised for not doing so.

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether ObamaCare is constitutional, as 26 States within America has brought the case before it.

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act are fearful that such an act will open the doors and therefore set the precedent for future laws which can mandate persons to purchase any item the government sees fit.

Proponents of the law including former Solicitor General under the Ronald Reagan lead government Charles Fried believes that the law is apt in this case as studies have shown that 85% of persons seek health care within 3 years, and 95% within five years.

ObamaCare similar to car insurance

This form of insurance is almost similar to automobile insurance where one is mandated to purchase, but automobile insurance being mandated, is understandable as all persons can be affected if a person doesn't have insurance.

In the case of the Affordable Care Act the only person affected is the individual.

Affordable Care Act similarities to Slavery.

This article focuses particularly on the similarities of all government mandated laws with regards to the purchase of insurance.

What persons do not realise is that when one purchases insurance, the insurance company then owns whatever is insured.

There, I've just lost you, but let us think about it for a second. If you were to purchase a car the insurance company owns it, but you may use it at your disretion, but you have pay the isurance company. If you refuse to purchase insurance, you will not be able to operate the car on the country's roads.

If you damage that car, the insurance company will replace that car because they actually own it, and you will continue paying the insurance company for that car as before.

This is almost similar to land tax where if you refuse to pay then the rightful owner of your land will come in and claim it. Who is the rightful owner you ask. The rightful owner is the government. You might have purchased the land, but if you refuse to pay taxes the government will claim that land, the same is true for any mandatory insurance.

With regards to the Affordable Care Act you are officially placed under slavery because the insurance company will own you. Persons purchasing this form of insurance will have to work to pay premiums or be penalised.