Prime Minister Bruce Golding
Mr. Bruce Golding lashes out at the International media

JAMAICA - Prime Minister Bruce Golding last night described as "scurrilous and malicious" a report by the American television network ABC News linking him in a damaging way to Tivoli Gardens strongman and alleged drug lord Christopher 'Dudus' Coke.

Mr. Bruce Golding went on to describe the ABC News report as "extremely offensive," damaging and libellous that "must be dismissed with the contempt that it deserves".

Also receiving a tongue lashing from the Jamaican prime minister was an article in the UK newspaper, The Independent, that is alleged to have said that a drug gang was on the payroll of the Jamaican prime minister.

The Independent in an article entitled, Jamaica stand-off highlights links between ruling party and drug gang, states that "The same drug gang that is now battling security forces in Jamaica in a bloody urban stand-off was openly used by the island's ruling party to bring supporters to the polls and intimidate opposition voters in elections three years ago, Caribbean political experts suggested".

The Cable News Network (CNN) questioned both ABC News and The Independent on the matter. ABC News stands by its reporting, Senior Vice President Jeffrey Schneider told CNN by e-mail. Whereas, The Independent did not immediately respond to CNN questions about Golding's statement.

In an article on the Jamaican Government information website (, it suggest that the United States (US) State Department strongly dismissed the ABC News report, which claimed that Prime Minister. Hon. Bruce Golding, was a criminal affiliate of Christopher Coke.

According to the government website, ABC News, in its news story, cited a "U.S. document" as the source of its information.