Beyonce The Exotic Dancer

Beyonce has attained five Hot 100 number one singles, becoming one of the two female artists-joint with Rihanna

7 Feb 2010, 12:00 AM

By: gop

What separates Beyonce from your average stripper? This came to mind after viewing cuts of performances by the artist in promotion of her upcoming "I am" concert in Trinidad and Tobago.

The concert has many even here in Barbados thinking of attending on February 18th, as it falls directly following Trinidad and Tobago's carnival season which in itself attracts thousands from throughout the region.

But Beyonce's performance's from the little cuts I've seen, and the photos on the internet seem a bit sleazy. I will therefore ask the question again, what separates Beyonce's stage performances from that of your average exotic dancer?

Beyonce is currently the number one rhythm and blues artist, and clearly this has not come about only because the girl can sing. Beyonce tends also to show a lot of flesh leaving nothing to the imagination.

Beyonce does not therefore sell good music, and her ability to use the stage, but she also uses her good looks portraying it in a way your average exotic dancer would.

What therefore separates Beyonce from your average poll climber is therefore the fact that she adds singing to the performance.

Would persons follow her, and the music she produces if she doesn't go to this extent. Sure they would because she is very talented, but she and probably her management team believe they must also sell sex.

The portrayal of lewdness by showing an audience body parts which should be left for a spouse only to see, is something the music industry continues to inundate us with in the hopes that we will not only be encouraged to  buy the album, but also some "sex" along with it. The music industry in clearly trying to convert us all into whoremongers.

According to the popular web encyclopaedia, Wikipedia,  modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings.

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