Google is censoring search results

The internet which was previously thought to be a free for all to allow for the dispensation of knowledge to all ends of the earth, is being kidnapped by Google through censorship.

10 Jan 2010, 12:00 AM

By: gop

Google, the largest search engine in the world, has been purposely censoring what should and shouldn't be on the internet.

The internet which was previously thought to be a free for all to allow for the dispensation of knowledge to all ends of the earth is being kidnapped by Google.

Google is not giving its users a true representation of the information that is on the internet. Google chooses to show its users the information it wants us to see.

The time is now here where a new search engine is needed which does not filter what is being placed on the internet, especially if the moral standards of such a search engine is unknown.

Google Competition

Google therefore needs competition within the search industry. Persons on the internet should be free to see what the internet has to offer, whether good, or bad, and then make the decision if they want to view it, or not.

Google in no way should be bias against content on the internet. This will lead to serious flaws in democracy which the internet offers. Case in point are situations where persons under oppression can upload content on the internet about they environment, and be able to bring about change by enlightening the rest of the world.

If Google is deciding what should, and shouldn't be on the internet it will dictate to the thought process of mankind. If this is the case, Governments of the world need to step in against Google, as the European Union stepped-up against Microsoft which was preventing other software companies getting their content out there, because of its share size and capacity.

The situation which has triggered this article, is the situation where Google has been preventing users from seeing any suggestive search result which might be negative to Islam in suggestive searches.

On the other hand, it has been showing negative comments about Christianity in suggestive searches.

Google therefore because of this can not be trusted. It should therefore be faced with sanctions which would allow others to get insight into how the company operates and how it gathers information on the internet, which could be a security concern to all persons using the search engine.

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