Christianity is Bullshit

The search term for "Christianity is" shows millions of hits on Google in opposition to Christianity

10 Jan 2010, 12:00 AM

By: gop

Google is currently under fire all over the world as Google during its suggestive search for "Christianity is" has suggested negative comments about Christianity including "Christianity is Bullshit".

Many are therefore making the following comments about Google in various blogs and websites.

Google is fake
Google is a cult
Google is a religion
Google is afraid of Islam
Google is afraid of Muslims
Google is false
The search term for "Christianity is" shows millions of hits on Google in opposition to Christianity.

These statements include :

Christianity is bullshit
Christianity is not a religion
Christianity is a lie
Christianity is false
Christianity is wrong
Christianity is fake

This should be corrected with the following:

Christianity is only way to life everlasting
Christianity is a religion
Christianity is about the true God
Christianity is peaceful
Christianity is the only religion whose God is alive
Christianity is true

If one, however were to search for the term "Islam is" one would not be given any suggestions for your search by Google. Google is therefore showing itself as a giant with a very small heart. Will it therefore be able to sustain itself at this current rate, or will it soon suffer a stroke and die?

Christianity prefers not to turn to name calling, and violence as the Christian Bible states, fret no thyself because of evil doers who appear to be prospering, because they will soon be brought to naught.

Google has always tried not to promote Christianity to any large extent which can be seen in its logos "Christian holidays"

Google's logos of Christmas are everything except of the Christ child and his birth. Easter is depicted by everything other than the resurrection of Christ.

The Google's logo for Christmas day 2009 for example, depicted a peace sign. A peace sign is an inverted broken cross, which symbolizes by some the rejection of Christianity. It is also called "Witches' foot".

Is Google therefore anti-Christian? Maybe Google doesn't properly index nor rank Christian website and blogs, and therefore negative comments are more popular shown.

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