British Officers taking down a suspect's particulars must now refer to their 'personal' or 'family name' as the word 'Christian' Name could offend Muslims, Sikhs and other faiths, according to new diversity guidelines.

The 62-page 'Faith and Culture Resource' booklet produced by the force's diversity support group sets out customs and practices in a number of religions and beliefs including paganism and Rastafarianism.

Has the World gone mad???

The booklet also contains a section on appropriate terms to describe ethnic origin, suggesting 'mixed parentage' or 'mixed cultural heritage' should be used instead of 'mixed race'.

Police officers in Kent have been given strict guidelines on how to address members of the public, including a ban on saying 'my dear' or 'Evening all'

The 62-page guidelines 'Faith and Culture Resource', also warns that even well-meaning gestures like handshakes or putting a comforting arm around a victim or grieving family member are also prohibited as it could be deemed 'unprofessional'

Addressing someone as a 'girl' or a 'boy' could have 'connotations of inexperience, impetuosity and unreliability, or even dishonesty', according to official guidance.