Profess to be princess in marine kingdom - delivered from spirit of Tiger

AFRICA, Nigeria -- A "prophetess" shown below during a deliverance service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) admitted after being delivered of a spirit of the tiger, that she was a princess in the marine kingdom and was anointed by her people.

She revealed that her kingdom exist in the Atlantic Ocean. This is interesting, because during another deliverance service at SCOAN a man his family revealed that he was King of the red triangle of Bermuda, also in the Atlantic Ocean. They were both spiritually of a serpent nature.

When asked by the man of God how she became a "prophetess" she replied that as a princess in the marine kingdom she is able to perform all the acts of a prophetess.

This, I am sure, will lead to some unease within the Christian community as persons will not easily know who is who as Christian leaders within the church. The lady also admitted that she has also prayed for pastors during her exploits.