Following the death of his predecessor, the Late David Thompson, who performed a cabinet reshuffle on the eve of his death, Prime Minister (PM) Freundel Stuart is also expected to have a reshuffle which will make alterations to the cabinet as set out by David Thompson.

This has been reported in the Al Gilkes column of the Sunday Sun, who sought to break the news.

Another cabinet reshuffle would mean that this would be the occurring just over four (4) months since the October 4, 2010 reshuffle.

Reshuffles are a Prime Minister's tool to prevent square pegs being forced into round holes, as it allows the PM to re-arrange the portfolios within the cabinet so ministers can be tried and tested with what suits them best.

A reshuffle also can also be used by the government to help stem the level of corruption as most ministers do not hold the reigns of a particular ministry for a lengthy period of time which allows him, or her to learn how he might circumvent any rules and regulations, and with whom.

It can also have it draw backs as the minister who might be the man for the job, having created certain goal for the minister, and how he might achieve these goals, might lose his portfolio because of the perception of the PM and those who might be advising him that the minister IS under performing.

It will be interesting though to see what changes are mad, as Prime Minister Freundel Stuart stamps his authority on a government he has inherited due to the death of David Thompson.