Who is Ted Williams some may ask, and it wouldn't be improper to do so, as Ted Williams a few day ago was basically a nobody, but his special talent was discovered while begging on the highway.

Ted Williams has been labelled The Man with the Golden Voice, as his smooth baritone voice and his story, has network stations tripping over each other for an interview and the exclusive on reuniting Mr. Williams and his mother who he has seen for twenty years.

The events of life for Ted Williams apparently made a U-turn while he was standing near the ramp from Hudson Street and Interstate 71, with a sign to motorist which stated in part that he has a God given gift of voice. I'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please! Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you and God bless. Happy holidays.

History of Ted Williams

Apparently Ted Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He said when he was fourteen years old he said he would listen to one of the area's radio announcers. On a field trip he went to meet the guy, who looked nothing like he sounded like. Ted said he asked him about that and the guy replied, radio is defined "theatre of mind".

Ted said his voice has been something of a development over the years, and he has been to school to help perfect it, but alcohol drugs, and a few other things has taken that away. He is hoping, however, someone from one of the radio, or television stations would discover him for maybe a voice overlay, or something.

Ted Williams Viral Video

This happened in the form of a video of him displaying his voice while on the highway for financial assistance. The video went viral and the rest is not only his story, but many around the world in offices, and bar alike.

The video clip was filmed by Columbus Dispatch videographer Doral Chenoweth III first appeared on the Dispatch Web site on Monday.

Jobs for Williams

Since this occurrence it is reported that Williams has CBS and NBC tripping over themselves in an effort to interview him, and possible job positioning. It is also reported that Oprah Winfrey is also interested in offering Ted Williams a position at her new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) because of his "Golden Voice".

Trivester would like to wish Mr. Ted Williams the very best and pray that he might overcome any bad habits he might developed over the years.