American Media Mogul, Oprah Winfrey, might be coming under intense heat from those in the world's smallest continent, Australia, found down under.

The queen of talk show, Oprah Winfrey, was advised during a clip presented by Carrie Bickmore, on life and ways of speaking, down under. This clip can be seen at the Oprah Winfrey website under the title The Australian Way (video)

Bickmore, during the clip, said, "While you (Americans) have your diners, we have McCafes. Guys come for business meetings, girls come for a catch-up over coffee. It's all just a little bit fancy.

"In Australia, McDonalds' are called Maccas," she further says.

"They're hip hang-outs where people sip gourmet coffees in the McCafes and dine from a menu exclusive to Australia."

These comments which supports the McDonalds chain in Australia, has sparked some fire as McDonalds is being seen the world over as a prominent coffee hang-out in Australia. Many Australians were apparently taken aback by this statement, as McDonalds might not be the most popular hang-out spot for coffee.

Australians must understand this might have been a promotional effort by McDonalds, and therefore one should expect them to blow their own trumpet.

Federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson has lauded the decision to choose Australia for Ms. Winfrey's big finale, in which 12,000 Australians will get to watch filming live.

"That Oprah has chosen Australia as her Ultimate Adventure destination sends a powerful message to her millions of fans around the world." He sadi.

The talk show host is wrapping up her 25th and final season with a trip Down Under, where she'll film two episodes at the Sydney 'Oprah' House later this month. It will be the first time that The Oprah Winfrey Show has been recorded outside America.