James Fortune & FIYA Album Cover - Transformation, and other gods

Are Christian gospel singers serving other gods? Is James Fortune and FIYA true Christians?

31 Mar 2012, 01:10 PM

By: Jeff
Hindu Om
An image similar to the one above appears on the album cover of James Fortune & FIYA. Why is it on a 'Chrisitian' album? -- photo: totalbhakti

"The Transformation", album was released January 22, 2008, but what has made it to standout to me is not the "music" on the album per say, but the symbol which has found itself on the album cover.

The Transformation is the second album of the group, and features a symbol which is characteristically similar to the Hindu Om symbol shown above, next to the album cover.

We do hope that this is a coincidence, but the similarities are astounding. I have therefore emailed James Fortune & FIYA at hoping for a reply, which would clear this issue.

Without going into details on this page, Hinduism and Buddhism are not compatible with Christianity and therefore such a symbol should not be on a "Christian album cover", if the symbol is in fact the Hindu Om. I have therefore given James Fortune & FIYA the opportunity to respond.

Om or Aum is of paramount importance in Hinduism. This symbol is a sacred syllable representing Brahman, the impersonal Absolute of Hinduism - omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence.(

James Fortune & FIYA Transformation Album

Om is not a word but rather an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture and even species. It is believed to be the basic sound of the world and to contain all other sounds. It is a mantra or prayer in itself. If repeated with the correct intonation, it can resonate throughout the body so that the sound penetrates to the centre of one's being, the atman or soul.(

It is placed at the beginning of most Hindu texts as a sacred incantation to be intoned at the beginning and end of a reading of the Vedas or prior to any prayer or mantra.(wikipedia)

Hindus believe that as creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as sound "OM".(wikipedia)

James Fortune & FIYA currently has five albums, You Survived - 2004, The Transformation - 2007, Encore - 2010, I Believe: Live - 2010, Identity - 2012.

James Fortune & FIYA released they album "Idenity" in 2012 and interestingly the album's label is Light Records. Light Records label logo looks like that of a spiral (edited below to show spiral clearly). Many companies have recently been using spirals in their logos. The reader should research the spiral in sacred geometry.

Light Records spiral in logos Light Records spiral in logos

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