KINGSTON,Jamaica - Jamaica's first female Prime Minister after an oasis from the office for four years, has today regained the office, after her party the People's National Party (PNP) won the 2011 general elections held today. Elections results showed the PNP overcoming its political rival the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in a PNP 41 - JLP 22 victory to lead the country for the next five years according to the constitution.

General elections were called in Jamaica after that country's 9th prime minister, Andrew Holness, and his party the JLP decided to call early elections for the 29 December, 2011 though general elections in Jamaica were constitutional due in September of 2012.

The Honourable Andrew Holness was sworn-in as Prime Minister of Jamaica on October 23, 2011 and has held the office for two months. He was chosen for the post after former prime minister and JLP leader, Bruce Golding's resignation last October from both posts.

Mr. Holness has now opened the door for The Most Honourable Portia Simpson-Miller to be not only the first female prime minister of Jamaica, but to be the first person to have more than one term in the prime minister's office. Portia Simpson-Miller served in the office during the period 30 March 2006 to 11 September 2007, after the retirement of her party leader, The Most Honourable Percival Patterson.

After closure of the polls last even, Mrs. Simpson-Miller was quoted by the jamaicaobserver as saying, "The people of Jamaica will have something to smile about tonight" displaying her confidence level.

On the eve of elections during a national debate with Prime Minister Andrew Holness, some believed Simpson-Miller had thrown a spoke in her own wheel by clearly stating that she would allow persons who might be homosexuals in her cabinet once there they are capable of doing the job. This is in light of the fact that Jamaica might generally be a homophobic society.

The country of Jamaica witness a total of 1,648,036 persons being eligible to participate in the general election in 63 constituencies with 228 polling divisions. Both parties had nominated candidates to contest all 63 seats.

The Electoral Office of Jamaica confirmed that 48 per cent of the electorate turned out to vote at 6,629 polling stations in 2,200 locations islandwide in what electoral officials.

Jamaica now has re-elected Simpson-Miller who was that country's seventh prime minister who shall be signed into office in January.